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Morningstar Home-made Muesli has been served by top chefs in hotels, restaurants, guest houses, deli’s and coffee shops with confidence since 1993 firstly in the Cape, now nationally and internationally.

Apart from a healthy and scrumptious breakfast experience,
  • We offer 4 varieties to suit each customer’s need, taste and budget;
  • Morningstar Honey Muesli is unique in appearance, texture and taste;
  • We consider health first when selecting our top quality ingredients;
  • We add 100% pure South African honey, well known as one of the best qualities of honey available in the world, into all varieties of our muesli. We do not use honey blends or honey flavors. Pure honey has numerous health benefits (details on our ‘Muesli & Health’ page);
  • We also add a little pure ground cinnamon for extra flavor and also for its health benefits;
  • Morningstar Honey Muesli has an exceptionally high Seed, Fruit and Nut content;
  • Our muesli contains almonds and cashews, no peanuts (cheap nuts);
  • No oil, colourants, flavourants or preservatives are added in our manufacturing process;
  • All Morningstar products are Halaal & Kosher PAREV certified;
  • We manufacture and supply as we receive orders to ensure that our customers receive the benefit of maximum freshness and flavor even though the shelf life of our products is 9 months.


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